Coca-Cola cleans the slate by going momentarily dark on social

Coca-Cola launched a new social strategy for the brand rooted in optimism, uplift and connection on World Kindness Day, revamping its Twitter, Facebook and Instagram presence. To spark intrigue and anticipation, the brand’s feeds went “dark” on Friday until World Kindness Day (13 November 2018).

The #RefreshtheFeed campaign saw Coca-Cola flooding its feeds with almost 100 pieces of in-house content created with the help of four street artists who embrace the brand's core values. The artists are Greg Mike, Stefan Kunz, Ricardo Gonzalez and Timothy Goodman. The company also engaged social media influencers to seed the posts on their channels.

The refresh is designed to present a more cohesive voice and visual language for the company, which reaches 500,000 fans organically on a daily basis across social media. The images are all graphical in nature and predominantly feature the Coca-Cola’s core colors of red and white.

Through this campaign, Coca-Cola hopes to engage more than eight million followers in the US and share the simple, yet actionable, messages of positivity with their networks.

According to group director, Coca-Cola North America Social Center, Sarah Traverso, Coke’s prior posts have been archived. Older creative that connects to the brand’s new social strategy may resurface in the future. She added that consumers today are seeking more positive, uplifting and shareworthy content in social because the world – especially the digital sphere – can be so divisive, at times.

“We took a step back and looked at content across our platforms and realized that while we’re proud of this work, it didn’t feel like it was coming from one cohesive point of view. We felt like it was a great opportunity, on World Kindness Day, to literally and figuratively ‘refresh our feed’ and take our platforms back to where the brand thrives. This is meant to be a visual punctuation… a clear shift," Traverso said.

(Photo courtesy: Coca-Cola US Facebook)