CMHK revises branding strategy with all-round approach

China Mobile Hong Kong has just revealed one of its largest branding campaign this year.

Distributed in an all-round ad push spanning television, online, and outdoor visuals, the campaign aims to promote the global launch of China Mobile's new service plan series "Supreme" to the mid-end and high-end market segment, as well as reinforce the brand's image as a "global communication expert".

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Other interesting approach includes decorating ticketing machines in retail stores into airport boarding signage, and launching interactive games on social media to encourage customers sharing photos of themselves when they "check-in" at the retail stores.

The company told Marketing they expect an all-rounded branding campaign would help to break through the current primary target customers in the mass and middle market segment. "We hope to achieve a substantial increase in subscribers of the three supreme plans."

It did not disclose the investment made in the campaign, but added that this campaign is one of the largest in 2017 in terms of scale and mix of media employed.