ClickTRUE Heads To Indonesia

Indonesia – Singapore-based online marketing and advertising agency clickTRUE has expanded its footprint into Indonesia, following suit after Google.

The agency recognised Indonesia has “untapped market potential” with approximately 40 million internet users, its internet penetration rate stands at 17% and continues to grow rapidly.

Earlier in March, internet giant Google had also set up an office in Indonesia.

Jackie Lee (pictured), CEO of clickTRUE, said the agency is aiming to go regional in order to better support its multinational clients and partners.

“Our vision is to differentiate ourselves as a top specialist in the search marketing space in Southeast Asia,” he said.

Additionally, clickTRUE has appointed Shinta Dhanuwardoyo, founder of and managing partner at Nusantara Ventures, to sit on the board of directors in Indonesia.

The company has established its presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and now Indonesia.

Lee added that the company is looking to build its presence in the country’s search and performance marketing arena to become “a trustworthy partner” for companies to work with and capture the increase in digital expenditure.

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