Clear Malaysia pushes consumers to defy stereotypes with #pastiCLEAR campaign

Clear Malaysia has released a campaign titled '#pastiCLEAR' which intends to stand by a generation that has been labelled as over sensitive and lacking in resilience. The campaign encourages individuals from this generation to defy stereotypes and pursue their passions. In line with Clear’s global campaign of Nothing to Hide, the brand aims to inspire a generation to have confidence in themselves.

In partnership with BBDO Malaysia, Clear has created a video featuring national footballer Safawi Rasid, female rapper Sophia Liana and LED violinist Grace Tan who are all from this particular generation. According to the press release, they have all faced countless criticisms and obstacles in pursuit of their dreams. The film was edited to a song recorded by Sophia Liana.

Natalie Goh, hair marketing manager of Unilever Malaysia said: “In Clear, we encourage the younger generation to overcome self-doubts and to have the resilience to pursue their own goal and ambition with a clear mind."

She added that the company wants consumers to feel confident inside out with no fear of judgement while its product helps them to get rid of their dandruff worries.

Donevan Chew, ECD of BBDO Malaysia said: "It’s always a pleasure to work with a brand that believes they are bigger than their active ingredient and strives to create an impact on people’s lives."