ClassPass sets foothold in Hong Kong, and now offering promotions

Fitness membership ClassPass has kicked-off business in Hong Kong, partnering with over 100 studios across the city to offer subscription-based services for fitness enthusiasts.

Founded in 2013, ClassPass launched its service in Singapore - the first foothold in Asia. The company said it has amassed experience in running its business in Asia Pacific.

“Hong Kong’s fitness landscape is seeing a significant shift – subscription-based services are fast on the rise as people increasingly value freedom, variety and adventure," said Fritz Lanman, CEO of ClassPass. “Following the success in Singapore, where we’re now facilitating thousands of reservations per month, we are confident we’ll be able to serve the needs of Hong Kong's fitness community.”

To celebrate, ClassPass is now offering a promotion of one month of free classes for users in Hong Kong.

Membership pricing will be based on ClassPass’ global credits system, which provides members with the flexibility to get the most out of their membership – being able to go for more classes each month by booking lower credit classes, or attend any of their favourite studios as much as they’d like at a higher credit rate. The credits system also opens up access to ClassPass partner studios and classes anywhere across the globe.

With about five years of history, ClassPass is a membership to the world’s largest fitness network with more than 12,000 partners in over 50 cities worldwide.