Civolution of Optimal FBX during prime time

Viewers' attention is heavily split between the television and companion devices. It is indicated that 88 - 100 million Facebook users log in during prime time: 8pm - 11pm. In the United States anyway.

So, how do brands keep the attention of a TV audience that logs on to Facebook the moment advertisements roll out?

Civolution and Optimal have announced a partnership that allows brands and agencies to buy Facebook ads in complete synchronisation with TV commercials.

Alex Terpstra, chief executive office of Civolution, said brands can receive higher engagement from their digital spend by syncing those ad units to the TV spots, while in turn increasing the return on investment from their TV spend by making broadcast spots actionable on digital.

Civolution’s ad-triggering service, SyncNow, which monitors nationally and internationally hundreds of cable and broadcast channels to identify TV ads in real time, was integrated with Optimal’s Open Signals and its Real Time Bidding (RTB) platform to automatically buy ads via Facebook Exchange (FBX) within seconds of when the ad spots aired on TV.

A recent pilot project indicated that TV-synced ads on Facebook proved very effective in improving user interaction and ad efficiencies.

“We were blown away by seeing a 60% lift for the Facebook News Feed ads that were synchronised to our advertiser’s TV ads, compared to a control group running the same day,” said Rob Leathern, founder and chief executive officer of Optimal.

Do you think ad spend will move in the same direction in Asia Pacific?