Citygate Outlets features M&M's characters to celebrate CNY

Shopping malls in Hong Kong have been launching campaigns and shopping rewards to celebrate Chinese New Year. At Citygate Outlets in Tung Chung, an M&M's exhibition has been launched, offering photo-friendly backdrops and rewards for customers.citygate outlet mms image1From 21 January to 19 February, Citygate Outlets will launch the Chinese New Year campaign "The Sweet Taste of Good Luck", showcasing the beloved M&M's characters in the mall. Massive installations will include a six-metre tall Red and his best buddy Yellow, with both of them hanging out in the cherry blossom garden to share festive blessings with visitors of all ages.

Elsewhere, Red, Orange and Blue are performing a lion dance, wishing customers good fortune in the new year. Other installations include Green decorating a classic M&M’s wall and Yellow, down on one knee, bringing an iconic ‘LOVE’ installation to Citygate Outlets.citygate outlet mms image2The campaign also debuts limited-edition red packets to celebrate the candy's 80th anniversary, with each set containing 10 packets featuring four M&M's characters dressed up in Chinese New Year costumes; these can be received by spending at the mall.