Circus launches its latest social tool Eureka!

Circus, a social and digital marketing solutions company in Singapore, launched an idea-generating social tool. The tool called Circus Eureka! aims to "revolutionise the way marketers look for inspirational ideas."

Eureka! is a digital board that helps community managers, marketers, strategists and planners get inspired and easily acquire ideas on demand, according to the agency. When these content owners think about coming up with content plans or strategies, they have a laundry list of processes to check off. They go through social profiles of the brand’s competitors, scour through industry blogs, scroll through miles of content and try and stay on top of recent trends and news – an incredibly time-consuming process.

"Thus, Eureka! streamlines this entire idea generation process by bringing everything that is needed onto a single dashboard. The tool automates a lot of key time-consuming activities that go into creating regular content and crafting social and digital strategies."

“The inspiration for Eureka! came about as a result of a lack of ideas during a client pitch. We’d go into meetings with clients and talk about coming up with a clear content strategy after analyzing competitors, the landscape and trends among a host of other considerations. At some point, someone said ‘Isn’t there an app for that?’ and we laughed, but when we got back to work – we thought, why not?” said Shalu Wasu, managing director, Circus.

Eureka! is currently being used by brands such as  UPS and Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Group. The product is currently offered to Circus’ Dialogue Management clients at a discounted cost and free demos of Eureka! are available on the website.