Circles.Life's Megan Yulga moves on after 5 years to join Tigerhall

Megan Yulga, head of creative shop at Circles.Life is leaving after more than five years to join Tigerhall, a mobile SaaS platform for social learning, as head of marketing. Responsible for leading a team and the company's full marketing funnel, Yulga (pictured) will be reporting to CEO Nellie Wartoft. Tigerhall works with clients worldwide and has a presence in Singapore, India and Australia.

According to Yulga, she chose to leave Circles.Life due to her obsession with personal growth. She told MARKETING-INTERACTIVE: "I wanted to dive into something new that continues to level me up as a marketer." Valuing the importance of finding a new adventure that aligned with her personal values, Yulga saw Tigerhall’s vision as something she could relate to. "I am excited to dive into a new industry," she added. 

In her time at Circles.Life, Yulga labelled the company's soft launch in May 2016 as one of her proudest campaigns. "It was thrilling to be able to have such a big responsibility so young. Launching a new telco 17 years after Starhub launched in Singapore, all while learning on the spot and winging it as we go. It was a magical time of incredible growth and experience," she said. Yulga believes that learning is something she took away from her time at Circles.Life, and is something she will take forward with her in her future endeavours. She said: "Try anything and understand quickly if it’s working or not in order to pivot again and again until the outcome is achieved." 

Yulga explained that marketing is turbulent in general. According to her, technologies are changing on the fly and the virtual landscape demands higher and higher quality output. "You’ve gotta have a little fire in you to be able to embrace the constant need for exploration and cut through. You have to know going in that experimentation is mandatory nowadays. It’s your best friend for navigating so many factors affecting your funnel," she explained

She first joined Circles.Life in 2016 as a marketing manager where she took charge of designing the overall branding and marketing campaigns for a new mobile virtual network operator digital telco in Singapore. She supported strategy, messaging, and design for email marketing, public relations, social media, eCommerce website, and mobile apps among other duties at that time. She then became senior marketing manager of the company's campaigns where she saw its charge over its brand messaging and executing communications such as campaigns, email marketing, and promotions. Yulga also oversaw and created content for its website, mobile app, notifications and worked closely with external agencies and internal designers.

Subsequently, she was promoted to senior regional manager of brand and campaigns, where she saw the launch of Circles.Life in Australia in 2019. In that role, she led brand and campaign strategy throughout Circles.Life expansion efforts including Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Australia. 

In 2019, Yulga said at MARKETING-INTERACTIVE's Content 360 conference that it is important to be yourself and speak differently. Not only does the brand tone matter but also consistency. "I can talk your ear off about how to create a brand, but keeping your brand uniquely you, finding out that why or who you are, why people should care about you, is critical to standing out and disrupting," she said. As a result of the boldness of its campaigns, Circles.Life is now known for its tongue-in-cheek stunts and audacious on-ground activities.

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