Circles.Life unites Singaporeans in #HelloNeighbour challenge

Bored of staying home and only chatting with family members all day? Well, Circles.Life understands that. The telco has launched a #HelloNeighbour challenge for Singaporeans to share a positive message and displaying it at a window for their neighbours to see. According to Circles.Life, Singaporeans understand the gravity of circuit breaker, as more have been rushing online to create the interpersonal connections that the circuit breaker has prevented.

The #HelloNeighbour challenge started as a company initiative for employees to "have a little fun" and share words of encouragement and support. With the positive and encouraging responses from internal employees, the telco expanded the initiative to its customer base. 

Circles.Life has also engaged influencers such asJamie Pang, Xenia Tan, Syarif Sleeq and others to share their spin on #HelloNeighbour and spread positivity. The telco is also collaborating with SGAG and Hepmil Creators Network's TikTok creators Jarryl Kor, Sheryl Leow and Nurul Syafiqa. 

In a statement to Marketing, Amertya Putantri, regional brand manager at Circles.Life said it was an in-house concept, and was inspired by people around the world who left messages on their windows for their neighbours. "We feel that Singapore is a prime place for window conversations to happen because our buildings are so close to each other," she added.

According to Megan Yulga, head of creative shop, Circles.Life, many companies are putting out stay home messages, and the telco too did its fair share of supporting the circuit breaker safety measures. However, as a brand whose mission is to give power to the customers, Yulga explained that Circles.Life knew that continuing to nag Singapore was the opposite of empowering.

"Instead, we encourage our team, our customers and Singapore’s communities to have fun, disconnect and engage with each other in a safe and fun way. It’s about connecting and uniting as a community, no matter what. That’s all Circles.Life stands for as a people powered company: Empowerment," she added. 

Yulga recently took on the new role of head of creative shop at the telco. She was previously the ‎senior regional manager - brands and campaigns of Circles.Life, and will now be in charge of building Circles.Life's in-house creative agency called the Creative Shop. Yulga added that given the team functions like an in-house creative and strategy team. 

The telco also recently appointed The Secret Little Agency (TSLA) as its lead regional creative agency. The appointment came shortly after a creative review in November 2019 that saw 50 agencies expressing interest, and led to a shortlist of 27 agencies. TSLA’s remit currently runs across-the-line, tapping specifically on the agency’s global creative strengths via Mother, and inter-disciplinary creative department. According to Yulga, TSLA will work directly with her and the team for a coordinated brand strategy and campaign execution, when asked about the dynamics of the agency relationship with the Creative Shop. 

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Meanwhile, earlier in March, Circles.Life was reportedly said to have laid off less than 5% of its global headcount. In a Business Times article, the telco said that this was part of a downsizing exercise that has been ongoing since November 2019. The BT article added that all departments were impacted, while Rohan Talwar, Circles.Life head of corporate development was quoted stating that as a performance-based company, the bottom 10% will be the first ones to go. Marketing understands that a mix of management and executive level staff were let go. 

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