Circles.Life tries to redefine the term 'family' with inclusivity in mind via new plan

Circles.Life has unveiled its Circles.Life Family Plan that is said to be more inclusive, allowing people to share their telco benefits without restrictions. This means that unlike its competitors, sign-ups for Circles.Life's family plan are not restricted to traditional families who live under the same roof. This comes as the telco believes that families today can be any group of people brought together by blood, circumstance, love, or shared interests. This includes sports teammates, board game night gang or any other aspect that brings groups of people together. The family plan is also meant to include non-traditional families that may not have housing privileges, such as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQ) families, single-parent families, and divorced families. Even singles below the aged of 35 years old are roped into Circles.Life's definition of a non-traditional family. 

In a conversation with MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, Janice Chua, Circles.Life’s head of growth for Singapore, said the primary objective of the family plan is to allow its consumers to choose their family. It is added that this does not zoom into any specific families. "As society progresses, we have come to believe that family is not just the one you are born into, but people you choose to be with and everyone deserves to own a home with their family," she added. The telco also looks to make its family plan more flexible, and allows consumers to not be tied to a contract or complex requirements like having to buy broadband or other services.

"Our plan is built for families who use a lot of data and are digitally savvy. They are families who have multiple streaming subscriptions that they already share. They understand how these things work and we have now built a product like that," Chua said, adding that the telco believes that home ownership can be more inclusive, giving all types of families an even playing field. "Everyone deserves to share data, love and a roof over their heads with the family they choose."

With its family plan, Circles.Life look to alleviate the consumers' pain point of having family plans that are complicated and tied down by contracts. This comes after a survey the telco conducted in July 2020, where families with young children revealed that the top two most important features of a family plan were having no contract (66.8%) and ability of the primary account holder to allocate data across family members from the shared pool (61.7%). The latter is an upcoming feature in the Circles.Life Family Plan, Chua added. 

To promote its family plan, Circles.Life launched a "Homes for Diversity & Belonging Lottery" (with its acronym 'HDB Lottery'), that looks to give out a SG$20,000 "home grant". With the lottery, Circles.Life is encouraging consumers to send in pictures of their families, and stand to win its home grant. According to Chua, the lottery is open to all types of families, just like its family plan, to kick start building their homes. The campaign is promoted with a giant banner hanging at the Toa Payoh Bus Terminal, which was the venue chosen for its high traffic and the natural association with home ownership as the Housing & Development Board (HDB) Hub is situated at Toa Payoh. family plan

Additionally, Chua said the telco will be working with influencers under its network to increase the awareness of the campaign and drive conversations on social media on how the "Homes for Diversity & Belonging Lottery". This provides an avenue for Singaporeans to build a home with the family they choose, the brand added. The winner will be picked on 21 April 2021 on Circles.Life’s Instagram and Facebook account via a live announcement. 

This is not Circles.Life's first attempt to target a different group of people with its plans. Last September, it unveiled a premium programme named "Circles.Black", which targets telco customers in their early to mid-30's who are looking for "an elevated experience that prioritises comfort and efficiency". With the new programme, the telco takes on a different target audience, having been mostly known to target "deal-seekers" looking for wallet-friendly options.

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