Circles.Life hands customers free data for taking public transport

Circles.Life has stamped a deal with EZ-Link to offer the first integrated digital experience for transit-telco products, utilising digital rewards as incentives. The move, starting end May 2018, follows Circles.Life's shift towards integrated service options.

This sees the Circles.Life offering customers 100MB for every 10 rides when using EZ-Link on public transport, and an addition 1GB monthly for linking their Circles.Life number with the EZ-Link account through the EZ-Link app.

The partnership also aims to provide constant connectivity and integrate people's lifestyle into one platform. According to Abhishek Gupta, Co-Founder of Circles.Life, the telco believes that innovation should be applied in all sectors, and the only way to achieve this is by developing partnerships and using that as a unique differentiator in the telco space.

“As the only fully digital telco in Singapore, we aim to digitize the nation one vertical at a time, and be part of the smart nation plan. In the long run, we aim to open our platform to more verticals and be fully part of the government’s smart nation plan,” Abhishek said.

“EZ-Link constantly seeks collaborations that will make everyday usage of EZ-Link a rewarding experience. We hope that our users will have enhanced experience in our upcoming campaign with Circles.Life via our EZ-Link App,” Nicholas Lee, CEO of EZ-Link added.

Previously in the transit vertical, Circles.Life had also partnered with oBike to offer riders a VIP membership upon checkout with Circles.Line, using a specially curated code "OBIKECIRCLES". In addition, the telco had partnered with DBS Bank to bring digital convenience of getting an instant data boost using DBS reward points.

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