Circles.Life admits to asking Crazy Rich Asians star Henry Golding out on a date

Best known for its data plans and out of the box marketing stunts, telco Circles.Life has done it again placing an invite on a billboard along Raffles Place asking Crazy Rich Asians' star Henry Golding out on a date for The Weeknd concert. While it initially appeared as though this was done by a fan, it turns out the billboard was put up by the telco to promote its new feature called Discover.

The new feature allows customers to explore events happening around the city, personalised on their interests. Discover is powered by its event database and customises the event suggestions based on the users’ interests. It recommends events that both Circles.Life's users and non-users are more likely to go to. Said to be the first event platform in Singapore, the more users that interact with Discover, the "smarter and more personalised" it gets for each user.

Currently, Discover allows users to share the events on social media and the telco aims to allow users to purchase tickets directly on the Circles.Life app. The telco said that through its research, Circles.Life's innovation has resulted in 95% customer satisfaction and approximately converted 25% of Singaporeans to its service.

“Circles.Life is setting up the world’s most personalised digital platform leveraging its innovative telco stack and proprietary data platform. Two years after the launch of what is now the leading no-contract mobile service in Singapore, we are taking a step further. Discover is the first AI-powered product outside our core mobile service. It is available for all users inside the Circles.Life app,” Rameez Ansar, co-founder of Circles.Life said. Marketing has reached out to Circles.Life for additional information.

More recently, Circles.Life partnered with Adobe to drive business expansions with customers’ needs in mind. According to the press release, the partnership will see the roll out of Adobe Experience Cloud – comprising Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Advertising Cloud and Adobe Analytics Cloud. This is to provide a comprehensive set of cloud services offering world-class analytics, audience optimisation and campaign management solutions.

The release also added that as the telco expands its business regionally, the marketing team needs a central platform where they can derive customer insight in real time and execute cross-channel campaigns to different audience segments quickly and effectively.

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