Cigna unveils campaign to showcase stress via artistic works

With stress being a pressing issue for people worldwide, Cigna International Markets has staged an artistic campaign to raise the awareness of the impact of stress on people’s health.

The campaign has included a global launch event, “See Stress Differently”, in London, showcasing the physical signs of stress on the body and mind in real-time by using a composition of biometric data and digital art to educate the public about how stress affects us emotionally and physically.

Partnered with digital artist Sean Sullivan, doctors, and technologists, the campaign’s proprietary stress visualisation kits help people see the signs of stress on the body and mind. Each kit gathers a user’s stress readings using an electroencephalogram headband that detects alpha and beta brainwave activity, a heart rate sensor and a galvanic skin response sensor to measure stress-related skin conductance.

These readings then flow into an algorithm which interprets the data into an artistic motion portrait that dynamically changes shape and colour in real-time to reflect people’s overall stress at that moment.

“Our survey data shows a rising incidence of stress across the world, with chronic stress now widely recognised as a leading contributor to serious illness,” said Heather Valteris, CMO of Cigna International Markets.

“This ‘Stress Visualisation Experience’ is a huge step forward in helping people to see stress as a physical health issue, not just an emotional one. If we start to see stress differently, we can start to take control of it in our everyday lives.”

The Stress Visualisation Experience tour will continue to key markets around the world over the coming months and throughout 2020. It will also be supported by a global ad campaign and planning tools to help people manage their stress proactively.

Creative credits:
McCann Hong Kong
Wen Louie – executive creative director
Dan Jacques – creative director
Aneeza Arshad – art director
Jules O'Brien – copywriter
Phillip Lee – senior creative
Andrea Ferronato – executive producer

McCann New York:
Larry Platt – executive creative director
Daniel Rodriguez – executive creative director

Digital artist team:
Sean Sullivan – digital artist and experiential designer
Evan Gannon – creative technologist
Jeff Gelber – senior experiential producer

Production house:
Benetone Films