Cigna launches new brand campaign in Hong Kong

Cigna has recently launched its 2017 brand campaign in Hong Kong to raise brand awareness themed ‘That’s how health insurance should be’.

The campaign looks to challenge common perceptions about what health insurance can deliver and demonstrates how it can provide additional value above and beyond paying medical bills through a child’s perspective.

Featuring spontaneous reactions of children when asked what they would do if their parents became ill, the integrated marketing campaign runs on a variety of channels with video advertisements on digital and social media platforms, TV and MTR in-train screens. Tailored messages are communicated through digital and social media channels to maximise target audience reach, while the TV and MTR advertisements magnify the messages to raise awareness among the mass public.

Austin Marsh, CEO and country manager of Cigna Hong Kong said: “Our brand campaign echoes what Cigna stands for – that we are together with our customers all the way. We believe that health insurance is about providing health solutions and support to meet people’s healthcare needs and help improve their overall well-being.”