Chuando Tan and Allan Wu face off in UOB Cards campaign

In a bid to capture the year end festive spend and drive the momentum of contactless payments, UOB Cards has launched a campaign featuring celebrities and influencers such as Chuando Tan (pictured right), Allan Wu (pictured left), Andrea Chong and Kelly Latimer.

It looks to reach existing UOB Cards members, and looks to acquire non-cardholders who are savvy shoppers and looking for a worthwhile premium, in exchange for their spend.

This will see Tan and Wu facing off in a fitness challenge from 20 to 26 November, the winner being the one who burns the most calories. Tan is a 51-year old fashion photographer who went viral for his youthful good looks. Meanwhile, Wu is a veteran local actor and host.

The campaign previously saw Chong and Latimer competing from 13 to 19 November. The fashion icon and lifestyle influencer competed to see who clocked the most number of steps within a week, with Latimer winning the challenge.

This marks the fourth year the bank is creating limited edition designer goods for the festive season, and sees a partnership with Fitbit, featuring its Fitbit Ionic watch and Charge 2 tracker. The campaign also touts Fitbit’s new tap-and-pay features. On a design front, UOB Cards also worked with L.A. based street artist Tristan Eaton to create a stylish and dynamic design of local icons, visible on the straps of the new Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Charge 2.

“This year, in line with our country’s goal to become a smart and healthy nation, we wanted to launch a designer good that combined fashion with fitness, and technology,” the press statement read.

The campaign runs from 9 November to 31 December 2017 on print, OOH (taxi), social and digital platforms. The agencies behind the campaign include Germs for creative, GOODSTUPH for social, PurpleClick for digital, Zenith for media and Moove Media for taxi advertising.