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Chow Tai Fook walks through marriage in touching new video campaign

To promote its newly-launched “wedding gift card”, Chow Tai Fook has rolled out a video series called “One Life. One Love” (一生一愛) which aims to stimulate couples at every stage of their marriage to ponder the true meaning of love, emphasising the importance of commitment in marriage.

The campaign consists of three chapters, namely, The Proposal, The Marriage and The Wedding Anniversary. Each chapter features a mini-film about the common issues that many couples encounter.

The first chapter, The Proposal starring Elva Ni (actress) and 6 Ho (leading vocalist of “RubberBand’) was launched in March. The story is about redefining the role of a “soulmate” in a relationship. The message is that a ‘soulmate’ is not merely the person who fulfills all the requirements on your checklist, but one that gives you the freedom to become a better person.

Chow Tai Fook invited Kate Yeung (actress) and Jason Wu (model) for the second chapter which rolled out in May. The Marriage illustrates that a “perfect marriage” does not mean looking for perfection at every turn, and instead appreciating that moments spent with a beloved are the happiest ones.

Continuing the momentum of the first two episodes, the last episode – The Wedding Anniversary – features Kearen Pang (Nice International Film Festival 2017 – award-winning director) as part of the creative effort, while also featuring her as the main character in the video. The story revolves around the concept of romance, and remembering your love every step of the way, regardless of the length of the marriage. The three online mini-films have racked up more than 4 million views over the past few months.

The recently launched wedding gift card introduced a new consumption model by offering one-stop services for all wedding essentials such as jewellery, wedding gowns, banquet arrangements and other services.

The campaign has received positive feedback and is bringing in considerable sales for wedding gift cards and bridal jewellery collections.

Desmond So, CEO of Uth Creative Group said, ‘The campaign of “One Life. One Love.” does not only utilise an unconventional approach to engage the younger segment, but also advocates a new consumption trend for couples to embrace. Both agency and client are thrilled by the remarkable results achieved in sales and brand building.”

Client – Chow Tai Fook
Deputy head of marketing and PR: Angela Wong
Assistant marketing manager: Charmaine Leung

Agency – Uth Creative Group Limited
Chief executive officer: Desmond So
Associate creative director: Benny Yau
Senior art director: Joy Wong
Senior copywriter: Yan Yeung
Account director: Maggie Yuen
Account manager: Stella Fung
Senior account executive: Isabelle Wu

Film production
Director: Mo Chan (Yamanyamo)
Production: Yamanyamo Co. Ltd.
Art director: Wy Chan (Yamanyamo)
Line producer: Gu (Yamanyamo)
Production manager: Shay Chow (Yamanyamo)
Director of photography: A Kai @ Xex
Post-production: Seesaw Post Production
Editor: Saikei (Seesaw Post Production)
Assistant Editor: Patrick (Seesaw Post Production)
Visual Fx: Wing (Seesaw Post Production)
Sound effects and mixing: Gary (Giggle Music)

Co-shoot photography
Photography company: SAMAGANA
Photographer: The Buffacow

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