Chopsticks in ad strikes again. Burger King NZ flamed for Vietnamese burger promo

Burger King New Zealand has been called out by netizens for its new ad promoting a new Vietnamese burger. Posted on Instagram, the sponsored ad features people struggling to eat a burger with huge chopsticks. The ad comes not too long after D&G also found itself in hot water for release ads showing an Asian woman using chopsticks to enjoy Italian food such as pizzas.

Several netizens were outraged at the fast food giant mocking the Asian community for a burger promotion. One netizen who recorded the Instagram sponsored ad and posted on Twitter, garnering 3,312 retweets and 4,200 likes, at the time of writing. Her post saw several other netizens commenting with memes to express disappointment over brands using "subtle racism" as a way of getting its message out.








The ad agency behind the fast food giant's creative is reportedly Y&R New Zealand. At the time of writing, Burger King New Zealand had not yet released a statement. However, in a Reuters article, Burger King said the ad has been taken down from Instagram by mid Tuesday. The statement by Burger King also said the ad is "insensitive and does not reflect its brand values regarding diversity and inclusion".

Meanwhile, circling back to the D&G debacle, the backlash saw the luxury brand falling apart with the Chinese consumers - one of its largest consumer bases following the ad being released in November. The backlash saw many eCommerce sites pulling D&G's products off its sites. Amidst this furore, D&G had to postpone its Shanghai fashion show, The Great Show, as the celebrities declined to attend the show. Celebrities  such as Zhang Ziyi, Chen Kun, Li Bingbing and singer Karry Wang Junkai also declared to boycott D&G.

(Photo courtesy: mariamocarey)