Chinese heartthrob Yang Yang headlines PUMA & VMLY&R classic sportswear ad

PUMA & VMLY&R have released a new ad to mark the launch of a 2019 classic sportswear range, with dancer-turned-actor-singer icon Yang Yang at the fore.

The ad is dripping with grit and style, as groups of people all start walking to a pulsing beat (almost in the style of the 1979 film, The Warriors) through an urban setting, coming together in one giant mass in a single location. It pushes the idea of the brand as some kind of powerful underground movement bringing people together, with Yang Yang as its leader. A common theme for fashion ads (minus the Yang Yang of course) but it’s one that's usually effective nonetheless.


Annie Boo, Managing Director (Shanghai), VMLY&R, said about the ad, “PUMA is a prestigious global brand doing great things in China. The new campaign has been designed to communicate this through impactful images that capture the distinctive nature of their newest collection and position them as the leaders they are.”