Chinese government warns of Korean drama ‘dangers’

The popularity of South Korean KBS drama series Descendants Of The Sun has aroused Chinese government’s concern.

China's Ministry of Public Security posted a warning on its official Weibo site on Saturday (March 12), saying that "watching Korean dramas could be ‘dangerous’, and even lead to legal troubles".

The authority cited several extreme cases to prove the "potential troubles" faced by those watching Korean dramas, including a couple divorced due to Korean dramas, and a man underwent plastic surgery to look like the male protagonist of a Korean drama to reclaim his wife's heart.

Starring actor Song Joong Ki and actress Song Hye Kyo, the 16-episode KBS2 TV drama set against the backdrop of military operations in a fictional country, recorded more than 440 million cumulative views on Chinese online video platform iQiyi, who has purchased the online rights by paying the studio US$230,000 per episode to broadcast the drama in China simultaneously to in South Korea.

The series has also been exported to Japan at a hefty price tag of US$100,000 per episode, say industry sources.