China Mobile helps lonely hearts to find love

China Mobile Hong Kong celebrates Valentine’s Day with a digital campaign to help lonely hearts find love by creating and publishing their Valentine’s Day cards.

Spanning online, mobile and social media, the digital campaign will be launched with a video featuring an adorable male dog and his male owner - both secretly in love with a female dog and her female owner respectively – but are too shy to express their feelings.

This video is an interesting and heartwarming portrayal of the lives of many young and lonely Hong-Kongers seeking love in a city, with different scenes depicting the lonely existence of the male lead from playing chess, dining and going to the karaoke on his own without a companion.

The scenes in the video when he uses his mobile to take a selfie; compose a message with Instagram hashtags; and eventually publishing his card on website, OOH andpost on Facebook also reinforces how digital, mobile and social media is very much embraced and part of courtship in this connected city.

The campaign, led by New Digital Noise, NDN Group’s digital agency, spans across OOH, website, social media, mobile executions, and promotions with a prize giveaway of a pair of the latest Samsung Galaxy A series to the winning card with the most creative messages and design.

“We are in the business of connecting people and we thought what better day than Valentine’s Day to build our brand’s emotional connection with our consumers,” said Paula Yang, general manager at NDN Group.

“All consumers are influenced by their emotions, and these emotional connections can enhance strong brand and customer relationships to drive passion, loyalty and advocacy."

Agency: New Digital Noise
Creative: To Wing Yee, Yenis Lai
Social Media Team: Casen Wong, Terry Tang
Film Director: Leo Fung
Production: Casen Wong
China Mobile marketing team: Bianca Un, Abbie Chan, Sara Leung, Sharon Yeung