China Mobile pursues a new dream

China Mobile Hong Kong has revamped its brand identity with a new logo and a tagline.

The tagline “and!” stands for "a new dream with customers" the company said.

The newly-added commercial brand tagline aims to highlight deepened relationships with customers while continuing to deliver innovative and customised value-added services.

The new title sees the brand drop the word “communications” from its official Chinese brand name as well.

Tiger Lin (pictured left), chairman of China Mobile Hong Kong Co. said: “the new launch hopes to extend our new brand value “a new dream” through a comprehensive reform on corporate and commercial brands and a series of customised value-added services in order to deepen relationships with its customers.”

In conjunction with the refreshed logo, the company has launched a new data exchange platform “2cm: 2nd exchange market” that enables 4G users to generate new value from unused data.