Chengdu ranks among the top of China’s Most Competitive Convention and Exhibition Cities

China Convention and Exhibition Society (CCES) has announced China’s first Most Competitive Convention and Exhibition Cities rankings.

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu placed at the top of the list, with Chengdu ranking fifth nationwide as well as leading the Midwest China category.

The list was produced based on in-depth research and evaluation by over 20 top industry experts, who used four key criteria in determining the rankings: the exhibition city’s overall competitiveness, overall environmental competitiveness, competitiveness in management and services, as well as visitors and exhibitors’ satisfaction with the city’s competitiveness, with a focus on comparing each city’s key competitive elements.

Chengdu has been recognised as one of the national central cities of China, a hub of finance, technology, innovation and communication in Western China. Chengdu is now China’s fourth and the inland’s first city to announce the 72-hour visa-free policy, following Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

In 2016, the city has hosted more than 520 conferences and exhibitions with 20% of international events, generating direct revenue of 8.2 billion.

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