Chatter around SIA and Changi Airport spike after praises from K-pop band BTS

Online chatter for Singapore Airlines (SIA) and Changi Airport Group (CAG) jumped recently after K-pop boyband BTS sang praises about the two brands in the latest episode of its reality TV show?Bon Voyage.

According to statistics from Meltwater from 18 to 22 November, there were 1,180 searches for SIA and 56 searches for CAG.?Other popular keywords include "btsxsingapore airlines", "singaporean army", "kaya toast", and "best hospitality". Meltwater's statistics also pointed out a spike in search at 9 pm on 20 November. CAG could not respond at the time of writing, and SIA has not responded to Marketing's queries.

The latest reality TV show episode?sees BTS flying from Seoul to New Zealand via Singapore on business class in September. Two of the boyband members Jungkook and RM were surprised with two cheesecakes from SIA to celebrate their birthdays which fell in September. Meanwhile, another band member J-Hope was seen eating a stick of satay and commented that it was "good" and "amazing". "This is really good. I've been on plenty of flights but I've never had food like this on a plane before," he said.

Another band members, Suga, said: "From now on can we always take SIA? The wi-fi is actually fast. I love Singapore Airlines, I'm absolutely amazed." Upon landing in Singapore, BTS was filmed walking around the departure hall of CAG and making use of the amenities in the guest lounge.

In August this year,?Jewel Changi Airport was also in the spotlight after CAG tied up with Singaporean?singer-songwriter, JJ Lin for his latest composition The Right Time?(?????). The song was a response to Jewel's iconic attraction, the Rain Vortex. Lin said he felt?a wave of emotions when he first saw the artist?s impression of the Rain Vortex and, at that moment, he was inspired to produce this piece.

(Photo courtesy: BTS's Facebook page)