Chatime explores premium offering

Chatime Malaysia has launched a premium-concept café under the banner of Chatime Galleria, with plans to expand it later this year.

Positioned as a venue for social and community events, Chatime has teamed up with creative industries and community groups to hold a series of "culturally enriching" events for the general public.

Over the next few months, Chatime Gelleria will play host to events by CultureRun for its ‘Do Something Different' campaign, PoskodMY's #BetterKL creative grassroots campaign and the Malaysia Ukulele Group.

Designed as a premium-concept café, it will carry the same range of drinks as its other 50 counter operations nationwide, alongside a brand new snack menu.

Bryan Loo, CEO of Chatime Malaysia, described the venue as a "social and community café".

"We have teamed up with Malaysian talents, creative minds and community groups to plan a series of culturally enriching events for the residents and businesses in each area," he said.

In explaining the focus on cultural and social activities, Loo told A+M, "Running a business is not all about generating revenue. We also want to give back to the community by providing young talents an avenue to showcase their talent without charge ."

Chatime will also be collaborating with big brands including AirAsia and Media Prima's Jom Heboh to use the Galleria platform for its activities.

"Our consumers are mostly those aged 15 to 35 and this is also the key market for most of the big brands out there. By leveraging on the Galleria platform, those brands are able to target the same relevant market, making the platform a good one for them," Loo added.