Changi Airport Group brings tourist attractions into Singaporeans' homes with latest film

Changi Airport Group (CAG) has launched a short film titled "While You Were Home", which aims to celebrate the everyday individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes of the many tourism attractions across Singapore. Done in collaboration with Ogilvy Singapore, the central theme of the film is honouring the resilience and perseverance of the many workers in the tourism community who take care of the attractions, and are ready for the day when they can welcome visitors again.

The film uses visual projections of the attractions such as the HSBC Rain Vortex at Jewel Changi Airport and the Singapore Zoo’s orangutans, directly onto communal areas and inside Singaporeans’ living spaces. It looks to recreate the experience visitors remember when they visit these attractions in person, and remind Singaporeans that many tourism spots are now open to families and visitors.

The production of the film was partly funded by the Singapore Tourism Board’s SG Stories Content Fund, following an open call for content creators and businesses in May this year. The film will be shared across social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 

Ivan Tan, group senior vice president, corporate and marketing communications of CAG said: “This project is exceptionally meaningful to us as we are part of the wider tourism ecosystem. The airport community has been working tirelessly to enhance safety measures across Changi Airport and Jewel, while transforming the passenger experience in our terminals as well.

Tan added that through the film, CAG wants to showcase the tourism sector’s unsung heroes who have been working behind-the-scenes to ensure attractions are safe and ready to welcome people back again. “We appreciate the support we received from STB and thank our tourism partners like Gardens by the Bay, National Museum and Singapore Zoo for collaborating with us," he said.

Melvyn Lim, chief creative officer, Ogilvy Singapore said each scene of the film has been designed to simulate the tourist attractions and people’s experiences associated with them. "Through this film, we hope to showcase how all of these attractions and the many more in Singapore are once again within reach.”

“During the circuit breaker period, our iconic landmarks such as Changi Airport and the rest of Singapore have come to a standstill. Hence, we saw an opportunity to bring alive the experiences that people miss visiting and to tell stories of the people behind Singapore’s attractions," Lim said.

CAG recently made headlines as its chairman Liew Mun Leong was involved in a domestic legal dispute between his family and their former domestic helper, Parti Liyani. The case saw Liew's domestic helper being acquitted of theft charges, which she was previously given after Liew and his family accused Liyani of stealing from the family. The incident saw multiple netizens calling for CAG to take action and even to remove Liew from its leadership. Liew has since stepped down from his role. 

In a press release, CAG thanked Liew for his contributions and showed appreciation of Liew's many years of services. CAG added that Liew played a "pivotal role" in the corporatisation of Changi Airport, which paved the way for CAG to operate more flexibly to meet the challenges of a competitive aviation environment.

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