Chang Beer launches event in Singapore to tout Thai street culture

Chang Beer has created Chang Urban Pulse, an urban art exchange event which touts Thailand’s street culture. This includes break-dancing, beat-boxing, rapping and Muay Thai segments. The initiative will first take place in Singapore before moving on to other countries such as Vietnam.

The event will see Thai fighters Kanpetch Pornpichit and Petchchompoo Kiatpetchmongkol engaging in a match with Singaporean opponents Brandon Ng and Cheryl Gwa who are muay thai fighters.

It will also feature dancers from b-boy crew Radikal Forze and 99Flava, beatboxers Dharni Ng and Blish, and rappers Masia One and TeCh`1. Meanwhile, Thailand DJ crew Bangkok Invaders, will also take the stage and play host to the event’s acitivities.

The brand aims to provide a platform for emerging artists, with a focus on the artistry, originality and a honorable spirit familiar Thailand’s urban art genres.