Chang Beer and Iris SG celebrate Vietnam hip-hop scene with Urban Pulse platform

Chang Beer has partnered with Iris Singapore to launch the second iteration of its Urban Pulse platform. The 2018 Chang Urban Pulse platform celebrates the stalwarts of the hip-hop scene who have shaped a unique urban cultural identity that is distinctly different from the streets elsewhere.

The launch this year features key pioneers in Vietnam, hip-hop originator Vietmax and his collaborators Wowy, Ha Le, DJ Slowz and SubyOne, and their dedication to perfection. It aims to bring to life Chang Beer’s philosophy of emphasising the small details in the pursuit of perfection.

The campaign will run from May to September 2018 on platforms such as online, social media, TV and experiential events. Partnering exclusively with VICE, Chang will also pay special tribute to the close collaborative ties between Vietmax and his community of urban artists. To commemorate the premiere, Iris Singapore has worked with Chang to run a series of five music events across Vietnam. Known as Lamiat Sessions, each event will focus on one element of hip-hop per month, such as rap, b-boy, graffiti and DJ, ending with The Lamiat Grand Finale.

Meanwhile, Chang will also launch five fashion capsule collections which have been specially designed by Vietmax, each inspired by true stories of the deep kinship between Vietmax and his co-collaborators.

“As a brand, we want to showcase artists who embody the fiery passion for excellence. We also want to recognise the unspoken bond that they forge as they encourage each other to the top of their respective crafts. After all, these values are integral to what the Chang brand stands for,” Ronnie Teo, head of global marketing at Chang, said.

Shawn Foo, deputy creative director at Iris, said that when working with Chang, the agency wanted to do something to elevate and celebrate the amazing dedication that Vietmax and his friends have to their underground scene.

"Whilst everyone is looking to the west, a new breed of artist is emerging from the east. Performers that aren’t hustling our feeds with cheap stunts. But true creatives who have had to fight censorship, stereotypes and cultural biases to stay true to their craft and are now getting the fame that they deserve," Foo added.

Last year's Urban Pulse concentrated on Thailand's street culture, including break dancing, beat boxing, rapping and Muay Thai.

Campaign credits:

Client: Chang Beer
Global head of marketing: Ronnie Teo
Regional marketing manager: Kenny Tang

Agency: Iris Singapore
Executive creative director: Ed Cheong
Deputy creative director: Shawn Foo
Senior creative: Royston Ang
Creative: Cassandra Sim
Creative: Dominic Ho
Senior planner: James Honda-Pinder
Regional CEO: Luke Nathans
Account director: Stephen Moran
Associate account Director: Cheryl Cheong
Executive producer: Tasmin Vosloo
Director: Jonathan Lim

Production House: Vice