Marketers need to keep abreast of new technologies

We all know it by now – digital marketing is dead. Today it is all about integrated marketing in the digital world. This digital world has also led to the increase in expectations from consumers on the seamlessness of their purchase experience, said Rahul Asthana, marketing director, baby and child care, digital and e-commerce, Asia Pacific, at Kimberly-Clark Corporation.

“The consumer lives in a digital world and marketers should not be thinking of the digital world as separate from the ‘real’ world. Her world is digital and this is where she goes for information, entertainment and to purchase products. We need to reach her where she is most receptive,” he said.

“Just being omni present isn’t what being omni-channel means; a seamless cross-channel CX is omni-channel.”

With that, marketers need to keep abreast of marketing technology. Quoting a recent Scott Brinker survey, he added that today there were more than a thousand viable marketing tech tools available to marketers. The challenge here is choosing which new technologies to work with.

Herein lies the challenge.

He explained that while these tech devices allowed for numerous opportunities for marketers, there was also complexity in identifying these tools and combining them.

“I meet two to three start-ups per week just to see what they have to offer,” he said, adding the company did set aside a fixed budget for Asia

“Sometimes, with technology evolving so fast, a cutting-edge tool that you might have used at the start of a programme might be deemed as obsolete by the end of it.”

Meanwhile, the commercial lines are also blurring between brands and retailers. More and more retailers today are getting into content and creating products, while brands are aggressively pushing into direct-to-consumer marketing tactics.

“E-retailers and retailers feel competition from brands that are going direct to market and eating into their commercial shares. Marketers thus need to find a new way to keep all their partners happy.”

Asthana was speaking at the Customer Experience Conference 2015, a two-day conference held on 11-12 March at the InterContinental Hotel Singapore.