Certis Cisco rebrands e-Cop to Quann

Cyber security service providers e-Cop, a wholly owned subsidiary of Certis Cisco has rebranded to Quann.

The rebrand, done by Grey Group, looks to reshape Quann’s brand identity as it becomes a global player in cyber security. e-Cop started as a cyber security company in 2000 and has evolved into one of the fastest growing security companies in Asia.

The new name stands for the circle of protection, which is inspired from its DNA as a security company.

The agency was tasked to create a new brand identity, brand positioning, launch a new company and complete a 360 communication launch of the brand across Singapore and Asia.

“Grey Group Singapore recognised our issues, and this re-branding will seek to engage and connect with the C-suites of businesses about the presence of a strong home-grown company with what Gartner has described as having a formidable presence that literally dwarfs the global players in the Asia Pacific region,” Richard Lau, senior vice president, group marketing & corporate communications at the Certis Group, said.

“This isn’t just a mere make-over, but also an opportunity for us to expand and strengthen our service offerings and to be taken as a force to be reckoned with,” he added.

“The inspiration for Quann came partly from the Technology and Scientific background of the brand. It is a concept with the fusion of energy, light, space and time, which represents a forward-thinking organisation,” Ali Shabaz, chief creative officer, Grey Group Southeast Asia, said.

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Team Credits: 

Account Management: Kelveen Soh, Rohit Nair and Madina Kalyayeva
Creative Team: Ali Shabaz, JunJek Low, Aaron Yuan, Marielle Encarnacion, Randip De, Herbert Pradjaja, Shante Lee, Sandeep Bharadwaj, Marco Iodice
Strategy Planning: Judd Labarthe, Rafael Mendonca
Regional PR & Corporate Communications: Huma Qureshi, Pang Yanrong

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