Celebrity couple Sean Lau and Amy Kwok star in EPS’ new TVC

EPS has teamed up with Lowe Hong Kong to launch a new TV commercial for its e-payment system EasyCash, starring low-key celebrity couple Sean Lau (劉青雲) and Amy Kwok (郭藹明).

Entitled “Hurry up but no rush”, the spot captures the rushing mindset of most of the Hongkongers and bring out the service benefit of time-saving.

“’Hurry up but no rush’ is a well-known Cantonese idiom and that’s perfectly captured the rushing mindset of Hongkongers. We found that EPS EasyCash is answering this consumer needs as it helps to save time by having cash withdrawal during the purchase. So we cleverly turn this idiom into our campaign theme line,” said Emma Chan, group creative director of Lowe Hong Kong.

“Inviting a proper celebrity endorser for the brand is also important. As EPS EasyCash is a mass service, we have to carefully select the celebrity who has the charisma to the mass. Having the celebrity couples Sean Lau and Amy Kwok is just a perfect choice because their acting and their popularity are no doubt,” said Anna Sin, group account director of Lowe Hong Kong.

Raymond So, general manager of EPS added EPS EasyCash is designed to provide fast and convenience time-saving services for consumers to make purchase and cash withdrawal in one go.

EPS EasyCash allows consumers to withdraw cash at over 2,500 locations of the designated merchants upon purchase with EPS.

Client: EPS
Creative: Lowe Hong Kong
Group creative director: Emma Chan
Group account director: Anna Sin
Director: Wing Chow, Film Factory
Media: Mindshare Hong Kong

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