Celcom's Malaysia Day film celebrates camaraderie among "notorious" friends

With three more days to go for the nation to celebrate Malaysia Day, Celcom has released a short fim titled "Lagenda 5 Sekawan" or The Notorious 5 to remind us of the things we love most about this country - its multi-racial and cultural diversity.

The nearly five minutes long ad gives an interesting twist on how our unity, friendship and love for each other could help build a better nation.

While its last short film "Emma" speaks about diversity and harmony seen through the eyes of a foreigner, inspired by the true story of a young British teacher who was sent to Malaysia in the 1970s to teach, and eventually makes Malaysia her home. Meanwhile, "Lagenda 5 Sekawan" film takes on a local perspective to drive the message of unity, while at the same time salutes the ones who taught and demonstrated the spirit of togetherness to help shape future generations.

In the story of "Lagenda 5 Sekawan" we are introduced to five good friends – Hasnah, Bom Bom, Maria, Kumari and Su Mei. Although mischievous in nature and hailing from different backgrounds, their close friendship kept them together in school and through the years. This was made more possible through their teacher, Cikgu Sabariah who taught them the meaning of camaraderie and instilled the value of staying together through good and bad times. Though narrated in Bahasa Malaysia, the multi-ethnic cast along with a mixture of Chinese music influences proudly shows the beauty of Malaysia and its uniqueness as a diverse nation.

Conceptualised by creative agency M&C Saatchi, the film has already been catching some buzz on its Facebook page just hours since it was first put up around the midnight of 12 September 2017, with more than 1.3 million views and over 21,700 shares. Watch the full video below:

"Lagenda 5 Sekawan is dedicated to every Malaysian as we remember the friendships we have and those who taught us the essence of racial unity. As a brand, Celcom embraces diversity and celebrates unity. Personally, I’m grateful to be Malaysian and I hope we can all be advocates for a happy and peaceful Malaysia.” Grace Chan, head of brand marketing at Celcom Axiata Berhad said.