Celcom Axiata says high-value customers contributed positively to business

Celcom Axiata has recorded a 1.1% YoY increase in service revenue for FY2018, driven by growth in both postpaid and prepaid segments. According to the financials, the telco said that its focus on high-value customers contributed positively to business performance. In preparation for the fourth industrial revolution (IRA4.0), the telco aims to collaborate further with device vendors, software and platform providers to deliver 5G solutions for industries across key verticals in Malaysia.

Idham Nawawi (pictured), chief executive officer of Celcom Axiata said that being a data-driven company, the telco concluded that having the "fastest" download speeds does not deliver the "best video" experience. He added that the other contributing factors include LTE availability, latency and packet loss, as well as overall consistency. He said that with 5G development in Malaysia gaining rapid pace, the telco aims to roll out its 5G services in couple of years.

“Video services make up 47% of Celcom’s total customer data usage, and in a saturated market, service and experience are becoming increasingly important. Today, we are delighted to be recognised by multiple external parties, for our delivery of superior video experience," Nawawi said. The financial report said that Celcom recorded an 88.7% increase of data traffic to 997.3mil GB and an average of 85.1% increase in data usage per month to 12.4GB respectively. It also attributed this increase to an outcome of the improved experience.

Just last month, Celcom Axiata launched a network experience campaign called “Guna Celcom“. According to the telco, it used this colloquial phrase as it speaks to Malaysians and is “easily remembered”. Led by Nawawi, the telco also branded 30 Grab cars with “Guna Celcom” as part of its campaign launch. The telco said it is constantly evolving with technology to enhance its network quality while keeping the best interests of its customers at heart.