CBRE in content marketing push

Commercial real estate group CBRE has expanded its marketing efforts into the content space, via a new online magazine called Blueprint.

The publication aims to tap into the institutional knowledge and intellectual capital of CBRE employees said Mike Lafitte, CBRE’s chief operating officer.

“We’ve been the market leader in our industry for years. With Blueprint, we have a unique platform for telling our stories in today’s digital landscape—stories that go beyond the day-to-day nature of our client relationships.”

Blueprint will feature content written by "urbanists, academics and leading thinkers" as well as CBRE global leaders.

Interactive infographics, photo essays and videos will form the core of its storytelling efforts to bring a wide array of subjects to life. This will include featuring iconic buildings, spaces and structures, trends in workplace environments and trends and issues in the world of commercial real estate.

“In the digital economy, the way brands communicate and connect has evolved. Our toolkit has expanded to include specialized web sites, apps and social platforms,” said Paul Suchman, CBRE’s chief marketing officer.

“The content and focus of Blueprint allow us to tell stories directly through a best-in-class experience, intended to drive deeper interactions and value exchanges with all of our stakeholders.”