Case Study: Pampers grow through play

Category: Baby care

: Pampers Grow through play

Campaign leaders: Wayne Chu, pampers marketing team; Cecilia Cheung, Razorfish account director.

Baby care brand Pampers have partnered up with Razorfish to create a 360° panorama branded interactive experience on mobile. As a result, the campaign has engaged more than 150,000 mums of crawlers across the two markets in less than two weeks; conversion rates on the mobile campaign also increased ten-fold.

pampers panorama

The insight
At some point, every mum has watched her child play and wondered what is going through their mind. Mums know that play is important for their babies, but they aren’t always confident of how play is contributing to their baby’s development.

The idea
Pampers wanted to give mum a new perspective on her baby’s development. They decided to show Mum the world from her baby’s eyes to help her understand, first hand, how her baby develops through play.

The interactive technology
The campaign took interactive technology well used in the video gaming industry, and transferred the experience to mobile, creating a 360-degree panoramic view of a home, from the eyes of a crawling baby. Working from a mobile phone, Mum is able to pan and tilt her phone left, right, up and down to emulate her crawling child exploring the space around him.

The execution
The responsive, interactive experience allows Mum to experience life from the floor, and delivers interesting developmental information about toys and obstacles as they are discovered.

Mum learns how big toys appear to her little crawler; the benefits of baby’s favored activities; and, most importantly, the critical importance of how uninterrupted play is critical for babies.

Mums can also register for a trial redemption of Pampers Easy Up nappies.

The results
More than 150,000 mums in Hong Kong and Taiwan visited the experience, and more than ten times the amount from 2013 were converted to trial Pampers Easy Ups, the Pampers product driving the experience.

Creative: Razorfish
Senior art director: Tony Mak
Social director: Raymond Wong
Technical director: Brian Wong