Case Study: Oreo’s magical Christmas box

During the Christmas holidays, Oreo launched a special box set in celebration of the festive season. As festive season is a high sales season for the biscuits category, the competition was bigger and more critical for Oreo. More brands were seen activating the market and stealing a share of wallet from shoppers.

Oreo sent out limited editions of the festive blue and gold box set with chocolate and vanilla filling, with an extra special augmented reality seasonal greeting card to celebrate Christmas and welcome the new year.

Its digital agency mInteraction also added digital extensions on the packaging in lieu of a traditional gift basket.


The objective for the brand was to tap into the seasonal opportunity with festive product ranges, increase sales and steal market share from competitors during festive season while offering a premium range of festive products to create a sense of sharing with loved ones via delicious product experience.

It would be topped up with an augmented reality card. As a surprise, loved ones also received and gave the Oreo selection, a special version of the originals, and utilised the circular lid at the top to witness a bit of fantasy in front of the computer screen. Oreo with mInteraction successfully captured the attention of entire friends and families and created a new meaning of ‘festivity’ around the nation.


Seizing the opportunity of the holidays, the brand allowed users to send greetings to friends and family via a single click and strengthening the emotional bond between user and the Oreo brand in a matter of seconds. For the online strategy, Oreo had the advantage over competitors with the AR card. It was the first biscuit brand in Thailand to employ this technique.

According to the typical Thai family, the term ‘festive’ is a moment of sharing good will. Hence, the team decided to elevate the festive moment with a special box edition for users to experience the celebration of the holidays.

The Oreo Selection was deemed the perfect gift to share with families. The creative idea revolved around this special moment of connection via the Oreo selection. We took the idea of Augmented Reality, using coded digital technology to translate the story of Oreo selection and festive season to all customers, mainly family members.  Whether or not you celebrate the holidays, Oreo used the heartfelt appeal of holiday snacks with an animated greeting card for the modern family with this classic cookie to put them in the best of seasonal spirits.

This new type of marketing innovation magnified the brand’s impact utilising the festive season to establish the special connection between the brand and users with an emphasis on ‘Family’ and ‘Sharing’ concept to contribute to the entertaining environment. With such interactive and social features, the users felt simply blessed with customizable messages to families and friends.


The campaign kicked off 9 December and ran until January 31st. A festive short viral clip encapsulated family bonding and was highlighted on the Augmented Reality card.

The users require the webcam and the Oreo Selection box to unlock the magic moment, which they could experience and share to the loved ones (pictured) .

Afterwards, the second installment, a full version of the viral video, which added the bonding  element between families and relationships, was released during the middle of the campaign at the pinnacle of holidays, Christmas and New Year’s, right around the corner. Users can play by accessing the Facebook application linked to the official website and when visiting the landing page. Users have the option to send the 3D real time standard electronic card or the visual augmented reality card with animated characters playing in the Oreo castle with fireworks and personalized card messages. These characters are part of the greeting card, which accesses your pictures from your social media album and the receiver which you would like to share the wonderful experience.

Application here:

YouTube Video here:

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To date, more than 1 million pre-roll impression for the viral video and the campaign also garnered more than 31 million Facebook impression on the Facebook Page post. A total 76,715 people visited the application.

Overall, the campaign saw more than 40,000 people playing with the application and more than 40% sharing the moment.

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