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CASBAA to examine Philippine pay TV in 2014

CASBAA, an association for multichannel TV in Asia, will be bringing industry experts in Manila for its first event for 2014 to examine the business of pay TV in the Philippines.

Christopher Slaughter, CEO of CASBAA, said that one of the most dynamic markets in the Southeast Asian media landscape. It currently has 2.9 million non-terrestrial television connections accounting for 20% of total TV households. In addition, it reaches 4% of all people and 44% of affluent audiences monthly.

CASBAA’s Philippines in View event will be talking about the possible hurdles that could impede this growth while examining how best to take advantage of the opportunities that are present in the market.

“We are happy to be starting off the New Year in the Philippines, one of the most dynamic markets in the Southeast Asian media landscape,” said Slaughter. “The country offers vast potential for growth for the multichannel TV industry and CASBAA has lined-up an impressive roster of speakers and guests.”

In addition, CASBAA will also reveal its Philippines in View country report detailing the overall Philippines TV market including pay TV and free to air and information on technology, advertising and regulatory issues.

Free for CASBAA members, the research will be available for purchase for non-members at The association will be donating 15% of all proceeds from the research sales to the Philippines rebuilding effort following typhoon Haiyan.

In 2010, the Cable & Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia underwent a rebrand leading to its current name CASBAA, complete with refreshed logo, a refashioned tagline and a new mission statement.

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