Carro partners Shootsta to create video content across Asia

Online automotive marketplace Carro has partnered up with Shootsta to boost video content in a bid to increase engagement on Carro’s social media channels with authentic video content produced with Shootsta’s unique solution.  The partnership will produce over 100 videos across one year for Singapore, Thailand and Indonesian markets.

Shootsta enables companies to scale their video content by equipping their client partners with a custom-built camera kit, and all the support, training and resources to enable them to shoot their own video content. Shootsta then transforms the raw footage into high-quality videos within 24 hours.

Carro, said Shootsta on a press statement, “challenges the traditional way of buying and selling of cars through a proprietary pricing algorithm”, and provides a comprehensive suite of solutions and services for all aspects of car ownership, such as a buying and selling platform,  an in-house financing solution, insurance, warranty options, and Singapore's first on-demand roadside recovery platform.

Manisha Seewal, Group CMO of Carro, said, “We understand the power of storytelling and creating video content to boost engagement. Shootsta and Carro are innovators in their respective sectors, with both companies known for disrupting traditional industries. Being agile tech start-ups, we felt our capabilities would complement one another.”

Mike Pritchett, CEO of Shootsta, said, “Video has established itself as the go-to medium for brands seeking to connect with consumers, customers and employees in a human and authentic way, and car enthusiasts are no different. We are thrilled to partner with Carro, to complement the growing repertoire of industries embracing authentic video at scale. We look forward to kicking off this project next year.”