Carousell officially launches its property marketplace in Hong Kong

Carousell has been steadily expanding the range of offerings on its platform, and it has now officially launched Carousell Property in Hong Kong.

Collaborating with real estate agents Midland Realty and Sakura Global, house moving company Going Moving, and co-working space Metro Workspace, the Carousell Property marketplace features residential and industrial properties. Customers using the marketplace can browse properties and property-related products and services, while the Carousell app also offers a chat function for customers to talk to owners. 

Properties on the marketplace are sorted under the categories of "For Sale", "For Rent", and "Overseas". Meanwhile, the additional property marketplace tools and services include the categories of home services (home repairs, movers and delivery, renovation, electrical, lighting and wiring, air-conditioning services, and cleaning), home and furniture (furnishings and gardening & plants), and kitchen and appliances.

"Our mission is to inspire every person in the world to start selling and buying to make more possible for one another. The Carousell Property marketplace gives merchants access to more consumers, and makes the entire process, whether you are renting or buying, easy and seamless,” said Cahill Kei, head of business development of Carousell Hong Kong.

The company soft-launched Carousell Property in 2019, and since then have seen the number of properties listed increase by about 500%. Over the past year, the classifieds marketplace has facilitated an average of 610,000 weekly activities about property products and services.

"The collaboration between Carousell and Midland not only allows us to further enhance our online network but also allows us to recommend quality properties to a broader spectrum of customers. Carousell’s enormous customer pool will increase the number of customer touchpoints and bring us more business opportunities," said Kelvin Cheong, director of Midland Realty.

Moving forward, Carousell says it has more property plans on the way for the second half of this year when it will move into offering co-working spaces.

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