Caronia, Ballet Philippines launches the “Art of Dance”

Caronia, the country’s first nail polish maker, has partnered with Ballet Philippines to launch a new co-branded product line named after classical ballet movements.

Aptly named the “Art of Dance”, it includes three nail polish colors: “Pique” for the salmon pink shade; “Chasse” for royal blue and “Glissade” in light green.

Margie Moran-Floirendo, Ballet Philippines President, said that this is the dance company’s first corporate partnership and marks the opening of Ballet Philippines’ 45th season.

Part of the proceeds of the collection goes to the Ballet Philippines Foundation’s Noordin Jumalon Scholarship Program, which supports the dance education of over 100 students every year.

Those avail of a special three-piece pack can get a chance to win two tickets to any Ballet Philippines show from 1 April to February 28, 2015. A total of 50 tickets are up for grabs in selected packs available in Luzon area.

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