Carlsberg urges consumers to #CelebrateResponsibly with event activation

Carlsberg Malaysia has collaborated with the Malaysian-German Society of Penang and Vangohh Eminent Hotel for a responsible drinking activation titled #CELEBRATERESPONSIBLY. This was in conjunction with Carlsberg's Probably the Best Oktoberfest Party.

The activation aims to raise awareness on responsible consumption of alcohol, and advocates no drink-driving should one's blood or breath alcohol content (BAC) exceeds the legal limit of 0.08%. Through #CELEBRATERESPONSIBLY, Carlsberg also looks to educate consumers on the national BAC legal limit, dangers of drink-driving and alternatives to party and get home safe.

According to Pearl Lai, corporate communications and CSR director, the company developed a new driving simulation game using Microsoft's Xbox Kinect technology to tap on the younger beer consumers, who are more receptive towards responsible drinking messsages. Known as "#CELEBRATERESPONSIBLY – Don’t Drink and Drive", the interactive game tests consumers' hand-eye coordination, in a bid to create awareness on no drink-driving.

The campaign, which reached more than 5,000 consumers, is in line with Carlsberg's new sustainability ambition, "Together Towards ZERO", which saw the company setting a vision for a society without irresponsible drinking. This is in support of the World Health Organisation's (WHO) objective to reduce harmful drinking and ensure healthy lives, as well as promote well-being for all ages.

“At Carlsberg Malaysia, we believe that beer should be consumed in moderation, enjoyed in a responsible manner. Beer should never be associated with any safety issues or loss of lives. With that in mind, we thought what better way to advocate ZERO irresponsible drinking than walking the talk during our Probably The Best Oktoberfest Party – to engage our consumers not to drink and drive and encourage responsible choices,” Lai said.