Carlsberg opts out of TV advertisement

Television is no longer the main advertising platform for Carlsberg, as they recently announced their intentions to focus on measuring and improving social media content. This move is aimed to drive sales and increase consumer engagement.

Carlsberg has also announced that it will start producing content in-house and not employ an advertising agency.

"We look at social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter as mass media," said Martin Majlund, group marketing technologist of Carlsberg. "Why create a TV commercial if you don't have the money to put it on TV? With this mindset, we're much more focused on building engagement around our brands."

This shift comes one year after Carlsberg launched a platform that enabled marketers to create and distribute content via various social networks. The initiative was implemented to gauge how well campaigns were performing in real-time and to grow its fanbase.

“We’re working on projects where we’re trying to look at the return-on-investment of content marketing across different media. It’s about trying to make the correlation between the share of voice our brands have versus sales versus brand health," Majlund added. "It’s not something that’s round the corner but I think it’s possible we’ll crack that code as we look into it more. The idea is to put our media spend into areas where we can easily and quickly publish content and then get traction from that."

Increasing presence on social media platforms is the first of Carlsberg's effort to utilise consumer feedback to  build advertising campaigns.

Carlsberg Malaysia could not be contacted at the time of release.