Carlsberg goes on a mission to revive Singaporeans' love for coffeeshops

Carlsberg has launched a #LoveOurCoffeshops campaign, aimed to reignite the coffeeshop culture amongst locals and aid coffeeshop operators in their recovery though promotions and rebates.

Carlsberg will be contributing SG$120,000 in both subsidies and promotions launched islandwide to aid coffeeshops in a smoother recovery and help drive traffic back. It will be giving a SG$1 discount to consumers for every two bottles of Carlsberg Smooth Draught or Asahi Super Dry purchased, and also a SG$2 rebate to coffeeshop operators for the purchases made. 

The beer company will also be producing a video series in collaboration with digital video publisher, Our Grandfather Story. The series will uncover the coffeeshop experience amongst Singaporeans, whether it be grabbing a quick, affordable meal or catching up with friends over local delights and drinks. This comes as Carlsberg attempts to relate to its Singaporeans, seeing that coffeeshops are an undeniable part of the nation's culture that every Singaporean has experienced fond memories at.

The #LoveOurCoffeshops campaign is launched as coffeeshop operators are still from the impact brought on by COVID-19 this year. In a press release, Carlsberg said it although F&B outlets have gradually seen customers easing back into their favourite haunts within the past months, many coffeeshop operators are still recovering from the effects of circuit breaker measures. 

Olivier Dubost, general manager of Carlsberg Singapore, said: “Coffeeshops are a crucial part of Singapore’s heritage and one of Carlsberg’s pivotal F&B partners. In the midst of challenges brought upon by the pandemic this year, Carlsberg wants to rally the community to support this integral part of our F&B industry and local culture through this initiative.”

Dubost added that through the diverse profiles in featured in the video series, Carlsberg hopes to reignite the love for coffeeshops within Singaporeans, and encouraging them to support the operators by reminding them how much coffeeshops mean to them. "Together with beer lovers in Singapore, we hope that through this initiative, we can help our coffeeshops operators come back with a smoother recovery," he said. 

Earlier in May, Carlsberg also looked to aid F&B outlets in Malaysia that were unable to operate business as usual during the lockdown period. Carlsberg Malaysia unveiled the initiative "Adopt a Keg", which rewards consumers who have purchased Carlsberg for home consumption with free draught beer they can redeem at local F&B outlets when the Movement Control Order (MCO) restrictions are lifted.

Separately last month, Carlsberg launched its first-ever Hard Seltzer range in Singapore under its Somersby brand. According to a press release, the launch is the brand’s first foray into Hard Seltzer (which is alcoholic sparkling water) worldwide, expanding its offerings in an entirely new product category to appeal to a changing profile of consumers. 

The introduction of Somersby Hard Seltzer in Singapore is said to be in line with the rising trend of wellness in the local market. It is added that globally, the product category has garnered a loyal band of following due to a growing demand of fitness-conscious Millennials, seeking alcoholic alternatives with the same indulgence but with minimal guilt for every occasion. Dubost said the company observed the increasing consumer demand for lower-calorie, lower-sugar content in consumption choices. Following this, its research and development team came up with this innovation of Somersby Hard Seltzer.

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