Carlsberg kicks off its CNY treats with a horse race

Carlsberg has rolled out its CNY campaign with a special horse race at the Selangor Turf Club. This year’s campaign ticks off all the usual components of CNY – a little gambling, ang pows and entertainment.

Henrik Juel Anderson, marketing director of Carlsberg said of the horse as the animal of the year in its CNY campaign that “it’s a call to consumers to take charge and be bold to pursue every happiness and success that waits.”

The race saw jockeys and horses charge forward in to win the trophy and cash prize of RM 75,000.

In conjunction with the traditional celebration, Carlsberg has also launched a nationwide promotion to reward its customers with ang pows and other goods. As for the entertainment component, the brand has a promotional roadshow featuring “Ah Beng – Mission Impossible,” a CNY production.



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