Carlsberg Hong Kong makes probably the best fitting rooms in the world

To all the men stuck in waiting mode for their girlfriends to finish shopping, your dream has come true. Carlsberg has partnered with fashion brand izzue to transform its dressing rooms into entertainment hubs for people to enjoy its beer.

Understandably, it can get tiring for guys who get dragged along a shopping trip with partners, so Carlsberg is turning three izzue outlets into fancy dressing rooms. Equipped with a digital games area, classic beer pong, massage chairs and Carlsberg girls serving fresh cold beer, the brewer claims this could be "probably the best fitting rooms".

To ensure that beer lovers see the brand in a new and engaging way alongside “If Carlsberg did Fitting rooms” TVC, Carlsberg had quickly approached I.T. fashion group and proposed the campaign ideas to izzue team to create a real shopping experience that people can never have enough – that features Carlsberg fitting room that allows consumers to help themselves to a pint while they are waiting for endless hours outside fitting rooms.

The event aims to create a brand experience happening for real via the lens of “Probably the best beer in the world” and to demonstrate the brand’s desire to be the best.

"This campaign we are embarking on is unique, as it plays with Carlsberg’s trademark humour and imagination. It starts off with a 'If Carlsberg did Fitting rooms' TV commercial that is based on strong insights which ring true to our consumers," said Carlsberg’s spokesperson.

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"We are also bringing this unique experience to life in a fun and engaging way through various channels including social, out-of-home and digital. We believe this is a great brand PR stunt can be amplified through social and online media – because we made people’s dream comes true, it is engaging for media and consumers and it brings to life the Carlsberg personality in a very innovative way."

The campaign starts from 1 April for three consecutive weeks from Friday to Sunday. The next fitting room is going to be landed at izzue Festival Walk shop in Kowloon Tong from 8 – 10 April.