Camiguin new tourism ad is trending---and it leaves one speechless

The new Camiguin tourism video was officially launched during the opening of the 38th Lanzones Festival on October 22, 2017 at the Congressman Pedro P. Romualdo Tourism and Sports Complex in Mambajao, Camiguin. It was simultaneously uploaded on the Facebook Page (“Camiguin Tourism Office”) of the Provincial Tourism Office.

Commissioned by the Provincial Government and conceptualized by a team of creative millennials, the video encapsulates the Provincial Government’s #FeelCamiguin campaign and aims to invite and encourage people to come to Camiguin and explore the province for themselves. The team behind the video sought to bring a fresh approach to promoting tourism by showing how a trip to Camiguin, with all the wonderful experiences it offers, may leave one speechless and without words.

Director ER Alviz, writer Benson Logronio, producer James dela Vega, and J-mee Katanyag, a theater actress who plays the tourst, are all based in Metro Manila. The rest of the production crew are based in Cagayan de Oro City. Marco Augusto Simene, who plays the tour guide, lives in Camiguin, and works for the accounting office of the Provincial Government; this was his first acting gig.

The video tells the story of a chatty and loud tourist who visits Camiguin for the first time and is offered the services of a mute local tour guide. She is hesitant at first, doubting the local’s capability as a guide. But who needs words when the island’s attractions, sweet Lanzones, and warm and friendly people leave you breathless and speechless. Finally, when her friend calls and asks about her stay in Camiguin, she is left grasping for words, unable to say anything, as no words can describe and capture the beauty of the island and her experience in it. #NoWords #FeelCamiguin