Calvin Klein invites the world to fill up 'I __ in #mycalvins'

Calvin Klein's advertising has long been renowned for its sexy suggestive appraoch; but a new global initiative launching toady - "I __ in #mycalvins" - is trying to say they are more than this.

Beginning with the new call to action “I ___ in #mycalvins”, the digital-led initiative is designed to encourage consumers to actively engage with the brand by filling the blank with their own words. This tagline can be found on a mixture of media including digital, mobile, print, and outdoor.

The campaign covers 26 markets globally including Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, India, US and UK, among other countries.

It marks the first time each of the Calvin Klein brands – Calvin Klein Collection, Calvin Klein Platinum, Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear – are presented together in one campaign.

To carry through its mission to court young buyers, Calvin Klein endorses a list of global superstars, actors, musicians, activists and models to front the campaign's main visuals and a branding video. They include Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Kendrick Lamar, to name but a few.

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"We wanted the campaign to reflect culture and the way youthful minded individuals live and behave today," Calvin Klein CMO Melisa Goldie told Marketing.

"We chose to incorporate all of the Calvin Klein brands into one global lifestyle campaign to represent how individuals dress in modern day culture – mixing high-end pieces with denim and underwear to create personalized looks.

"With this campaign, we are aiming to provoke thought, drive cultural conversation and connect emotionally with our consumers.

"As we move forward to further building Calvin Klein as a global lifestyle brand, it is essential that we connect with our audience authentically, inviting individuals to create intimate memories with the brand and live full, sexy lives in their #mycalvins," she added.

The brand has also teamed up with music platform Spotify on a cross channel that offers users of the music and video streaming service a dedicated branded profile page with custom playlists and engaging Calvin Klein content.

Client: Calvin Klein
Creative: Calvin Klein in-house creative team
Photographers: Tyrone Lebon, Harley Weir, Jamie Hawkesworth, Tobin Yelland, and David Sims
Filmmakers Mark Lebon Frank Lebon