Caltex Singapore creates 7-minute film on the ‘realities’ of CNY

Caltex Singapore has launched a Chinese New Year short film called, “Lucky Break”. The film revolves around family reunion by juxtapositioning it with the reality of what happens in real life. This campaign was run by Wavemaker for digital content and media.

The short film centers around an unmarried 33 year old, during the “dreaded” first day of Chinese New Year. Portraying close to heart examples such as being interrogated by relatives about job and girlfriend, the video shows how the protagonist’s accumulated frustration of feeling inferior and unlucky turns around when he cracked open Caltex’s fortune cookies and won the top prize.

The campaign also includes strategic OOH placements and radio which will run through to 13 February 2019. Launched over the weekend, this short film is part of the content-focused integrated marketing campaign to support the retail promotion at Caltex Singapore. Watch it here:

“We’re always looking to create memorable moments to surprise and delight our loyal customers; and Chinese New Year couldn’t be a better occasion to ease the pain points of our customers. This year we’re, once again, bringing back our Caltex Fortune Cookies, and we hope that this will fuel that extra joy for our customers when they visit our stations,” Abraham Lee, brand specialist, Chevron Singapore said.

Aaron Kobes, social and content director, Wavemaker Singapore said that the team wanted to do something different this year, that led to telling a story about the relatable “quirky” and humourous realities centred around Chinese New Year.

“Caltex has a reputation for curating awesome experiences for its customers, and as their agency partner, we’re excited to be working with a like-minded brand to create meaningful content that entertains, connects and inspires people. As consumers, we’ve grown accustomed to run-of-the-mill emotional branded ads that are often a by-product of the Chinese New Year season, so this year we wanted to do something different, ” he added.

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