Do Not Call registry goes live today

The Do Not Call registry will be going live today. Consumers who do not wish to receive telemarketing messages via phone call, SMS or fax, can start registering their Singapore telephone numbers with the DNC registry.

The law will affect all telemarketing messages sent through voice calls, text messages and faxes – those that offer, advertise or promote goods or services for commercial purposes.

With effect from 2 January 2014, organisations must check with the DNC Registry to ensure that the Singapore telephone numbers that they are sending telemarketing messages to are not listed in the registry.

Earlier in October, Leong Keng Thai, chairman of Personal Data Protection Commission said at a media briefing, the laws were put in place to protect consumers. At the same time it will also help marketers to be more “targeted” in their marketing.

Going forward, a fine of up to SG$1 million can be imposed on firms that fail to comply.