What's the latest with Cadbury in Malaysia?

Cadbury Malaysia has assured its Muslim consumers that all its chocolates are “halal” including  Cadbury Dairy Milk Hazelnut 175g and Cadbury Dairy Milk Roast Almond 175g which were tested positive for porcine DNA last week.

The result of the test created a fiasco, with a Muslim consumer group threatening to initiate a civil case against Cadbury and another group even declaring "jihad" against the company.

National Fatwa Council has however, announced that it would maintain the “halal” status of two Cadbury products which contained traces of pig DNA.

Corporate affairs head of Mondolez Malaysia, Raja Zalina Raja Safran said the company stood by its halal certification and also had the highest levels of product labelling standards.

Raja Zalina said the company was focused on resolving the concerns which had led to the recall of two batches of Cadbury dairy milk products in Malaysia.

"Although the company recalled the products voluntarily, we have no reason to believe that there is any porcine or pork-related ingredient in our Cadbury chocolates," Raja Zalina said in a statement to local media.

The company did not give any further details when contacted.

The confectionary giant is continuing consultation with Malaysian authorities while waiting for the analysis from JAKIM. JAKIM  is conducting the analysis on the two affected products and the supply chain associated with the products, Raja Zalina said.

She said Cadbury was also meeting with stakeholders and leaders in the Muslim community to reassure them of its commitment to making products that meet the needs of Malaysian consumers.

"We are encouraged by the positive actions of the National Fatwa Council who is working with consumers to build an understanding that Cadbury products are suitable for consumption and maintain their halal status,” she added.

(Image from Wikimedia Commons)